Hello there!

My name is Renee and I am a high school student, struggling to get through the pressure that society has now put on teens like me. This is my blog to just keep my thoughts and my experiences in order and place. My worries about the requirements to get into universities, the problems with my life, and just everything in general really.

I’m one of those sad teens who have no clue what they want to do later on in life, but I’m trying my best to figure that out.

Just some stuff about me:

I knit, I love to shop and love fashion, I love workouts only after because then I feel a sense of pride of myself, my favourite animals are bears and foxes, I love tea, rollercoaster and fireworks. I read a lot and bring the book everywhere to me (I can brush my teeth and read, eat and read…I get in trouble for doing that though, but whatever). I also watch a lot of TV (trying to fix that). I recently started knitting, I like night more than day, however sunshine is what gets me in a good mood. Weather really affects my mood. I’m a germaphobe with bathrooms and cars and beds and couches and anything with a crack in it. I can only sit on the aisle seat of a bus and plane or in a booth of a restaurant and if I had a choice between the couch area of booths or a table with chairs, I’d pick the chairs. I can’t sit on a chair properly for long and end up folding my legs into odd positions to get comfortable and that’s about all I think you get to know about my odd habits.


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