Rants that come with a new semester

So a new semester has started! I expected it to be the semester where everything would change and yet I’m still in that state where I feel lonely and want to break free from my friends. First off, there is my homeroom class where I have two very good friends in it and I expected to be sitting with them and they expected it as well except some guy who knows one of my friends took my spot and now I want to shove him out so that I can actually have some fun in the class. Not that I hate who I sit to right now because they are still lovely people. 

Talked to my principal today. I was actually proposing a project for my environmental club and I was honestly scared shitless to talk to him, but it turned out okay. I hope he remembers me and so does my president of the club so that I can take over the club when she graduates. I have ideas, I really do and I plan on enhancing them when my time comes. For example, I want there to be a cardboard box of bin where people can dump their milk bags so that we can either use them to be made into rugs/blankets for those in Africa or send them to people/groups that collect them to make them into rugs/blankets. I plan on sending an email to all teachers to remind them to close their blinds, turn off their lights, make sure all computers are off and lock the door when they leave their classroom, because that not only helps us in the eco-schools thing, but also helps for general environment. I also like the idea of a compost bin and if it doesn’t get set up this year, I’ll try for next year. Same thing for the trees that we want to plant. 

Anyways, I’m going shopping this weekend and I’m hoping to find some new and cute clothes to wear and possibly a semi dress because I decided to go to it. I felt pretty good because I had several people telling me that I should go.

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